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Castro is a good tool to find out all your Android device's basic and advanced information in detail, in the easiest way possible. You can access information on your device's CPU, core, battery, memory, and connection in the app's different tabs.

Although Castro shows all this info across tabs, the app opens with a screen showing the device's basic information, and you can access the control panel to see the rest. In the first tab, you can see the model, version, serial number, IMEI, and screen resolution, among other things.

Other information you can find in Castro includes the type of processor you have, its CPU usage in real time, battery level and voltage, and the free space on your RAM and internal memory.

You can access all this data with a single click and resolve any questions you might have. The only thing you can change about Castro is the temperature display, which can be shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
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